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Holiday by the water, in the heart of Friesland

De Alde Feanen National Park

De Alde Feanen National Park

Camping It Wiid lies in the middle of the natural area of de Alde Feanen. This area has been the Netherlands’ sixteenth National Park since February 2000. De Alde Feanen is 2187 hectares in size. The area was given National Park status because it is so valuable and deserves to be protected.

It Wiid, Eernewoude

Here you will find large pools, wetlands, reedlands, bogs, scrublands, marsh marigold heathland and bluegrass country. There is a range of landscape and vegetation to be found here, each with its own fauna and flora. You’ll find more than four hundred varieties of plant and more than a hundred species of breeding birds.

The marsh areas of central Friesland have long been known as an outstanding living environment for the otter. When it became clear that this mammal was on the verge of dying out in the Netherlands, the so-called Otter Project was started. The animal’s total living environment will have to be dealt with to enable it to be reintroduced: so the otter has become the symbol of a large-scale approach to nature and the environment.

It Wiid, Eernewoude Camping It Wiid, Eernewoude

The best way of seeing this area is to sail it. There is a sailing route for small boats, with platforms to tie up at in different places. There are also a variety of walking routes. There are regular sailing and walking excursions in the different districts, such as the solar energy boat at Blaustirns. Together with It Fryske Gea, Camping It Wiid organises some of these excursions in high season.

It Wiid - Eernewoude


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