Campsite with WIFI

Free Wifi

Looking for a campsite with wireless internet? WIFI on the campsite is becoming an increasingly important criteria on holiday. A laptop or tablet is, next to the washing-up bowl, considered to be standard camping equipment nowadays. WIFI on the campsite enables you to send e-mail, chat, download music, and make calls like you do at home.

Campsite It Wiid in Friesland has a wireless WIFI network. The entire campsite in Friesland has WIFI-coverage which you can access. You have free WIFI code for one device if you are camping. In our holiday homes and chalets the whole family has free wifi!

WIFI on campsite It Wiid: how does it work?

You don’t have t install any software to get access to the WIFI network of our campsite in Friesland. You will get a free code per e-mail bij check-inn. Do you need more codes? No problem. You can buy extra codes at the reception desk or online.

After you have logged in on the WIFI network of campsite It Wiid,   you’ll be able to enjoy fast, wireless internet just like you would expect at home.
WIFI on the campsite in Friesland operates on ‘Wi-Fi’, the standard for wireless internet. All you need to be able to use fast wireless internet is a laptop, tablet, or any other mobile device equipped with WIFI.