Sailing courses It Wiid

In June and July, during school holidays, sailing courses for all ages are offered at the campsite. Children under the age of 12 will be taught in a optimist. 12 years and over? Then it’s over to the Valk. Learn how to sail in a relaxed and sociable way!

Sailing courses Optimist sailboat

In June and July sailing lessons are offered at It Wiid, Friesland. We offer courses  in Optimists. These are ideal small sailboats for youth up to 12 years. The children will be taught the basics of sailing: paddling with a leeboard, navigating, boat rigging, mooring, capsizing, etc.

The course consists 4 two-hour sessions. From 1000-1200 hrs. in the morning or from van 1300-1500 hrs. in the afternoon. There will be 6 to 10 boats during the course with 1 or 2 children in every Optimist. 2 instructors will be present during the course. The sailing courses will always be run, even during rain or bad weather. If necessary, a theoretical lesson will be provided. Children need to be in possession of swimming certificates and will need to wear rain wear.

Day programme – Optimists
Day 1, Monday
Today, you’ll learn to scull the boat, and we’ll teach you how to rig the Optimist. We’ll also sail on the lake near the Y field: you’ll perform a figure-8 manoeuvre, and tack. At the end of the lesson we’ll put everything away again, and so you’ll learn how to take down the rig again.
Day 2, Tuesday
Today, you’ll rig the boat by yourself, and we’ll go sailing around the buoys. Maybe we’ll even turn turtle if the weather is nice!
Day 3, Wednesday
On day 3, we’ll head onto the great water sailing away in a train of boats. You’ll rig the boat again at the float, and we’ll sail around the buoys on the great lake.
Day 4, Thursday
On the last day of the course we repeat what we have learned so far. If you like you can turn turtle one more time, on purpose! At the end of the lesson you’ll receive a progress report.

Sailing courses Valk sailboat

Courses in polyester Valks are offered from 12 years up. These sailboats are gaff rigged, and have a sail surface of 16 sq m. The Valk is 6.65 m long, 2.00 m wide, and has a draught of 0.85 m. Valks are very stable and safe instruction boats. The course consists of 4 three-hour sessions. From 0900-1200 hrs. in the morning or from 1300-1600 hrs. in the afternoon. Each boat will carry 4 course members and 1 instructor. Swimming vests and rainwear during the course are mandatory. During the Valk courses the course members will be taught the basics of sailing: rigging, mooring, coxing, setting sails, etc. You can also take your own family in one Valk (with a maximum of 4 persons and a minimum age of 12).

Day programme – Valks
Day 1, Monday
We’ll start with learning how to rig a boat. You’ll learn the names: what is a gig, gaff, jib, mainsail, sheet, etc. After that we’ll go sailing, and everyone’ll take turns at the helm. On this day you’ll learn how to tack (turn the boat), and the various courses.
Day 2, Tuesday
The crew will start with rigging the Valk by themselves. We’ll repeat the courses from the first day. Today, we’ll also practice luffing up – bearing away, close to the wind, gybe, and  plying against the wind.
Day 3, Wednesday
We’ll go sailing again, and we’ll repeat what we’ve learned the previous days after we’ve rigged the boat ourselves again. Today you’ll learn about windward, leeward, windward shore, lee shore, and along shore.
Day 4, Thursday
Today is already the last day of the course. We’ll take a beautiful sailing trip on which the crew members do everything by themselves. We’ll repeat the most important parts, and you’ll have to moor by yourself.

Please contact the reception desk at It Wiid, Tel. 0031511539223 for availability or to make a reservation for sailing lessons.
Participation in the sailing lessons is at your own risk. 

Course prices

Optimist sailing lesson 4 x 2 hours € 130,00 per person
Valk sailing lesson 4 x 3 hours € 165,00 per person
Private lesson per hour (excluding the boat) € 35,00