Fishing documents

There’s a lot of fishing going on in It Wiid! Not surprising, given the beautiful location on the water. It is therefore important to be in the loop of licenses, etc. Fishing licenses are available in our supermarket. A fishing license is a legally required document that each angler aged 15 years and up has to carry with him. Children under the age of 15 who go fishing with two rods or who, for example, use artificial bait or fish for pike will also need a fishing license.

Fishing license

Fishing one of the Netherlands’ most widely popular types of outdoor recreation thanks to the almost two million anglers. A lot is being done by the 900 local angling associations and the 7 regional angling federations in improving fishing opportunities, water protection, and catching opportunities. They are supported by the national association Sportvisserij Nederland in Bilthoven.

The money that’s needed for all these activities is being contributed by the anglers themselves by way of the VISpas (fishing license) or the  Kleine VISpas (little fishing license). These fishing documents together with the corresponding lists of fishing grounds make up the legally required written consent (‘fishing license’) to be able to angle. These documents also regulate angling in the interest of fish stock management. Checks on the possession of these fishing documents is therefore of the utmost importance. No fishing documents means no money for the improvement of the fish stock.