Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Does the park have internet?
    Internet is available at the campsite. At a campsite you get 1 free code per family. In the accommodations you have unlimited access (own router) Need more codes? You can purchase this at the reception. All the homes on the Buitenplaats have free internet.
  2. Is barbecuing allowed in the park?
    Barbecuing is allowed. Camp fires are not allowed.
  3. What about public transport in the surroundings of Earnewald?
    There is no bus stop in the village. You can, however, be picked up by the local bus which will bring you to the bus stop on the N31 (National road from Drachten to Leeuwarden). The call-up local bus runs on request only. (Tel. 0800-2802802)
  4. Does the park have a Laundromat?
    The Laundromat is on the campsite next to the Kwetternest and on the de Buitenplaats near the trailer ramp. Coins for the washing machine are € 5.00 per coin and can be obtained from the reception desk. You can also buy coins for the dryer (€ 2.50) and soap bars €1.00 there.


  1. What are the arrival and departure times of the campsite?
    You can access your spot from 1300 hrs. Departure time is before 1200 hrs.
  2. What are the arrival and departure days of the campsite?
    In high season the changeover days are Friday and Saturday. Provisions can be made outside high season.
  3. Are pets allowed?
    You may bring 1 pet per camping space. Fighting dogs and guard dogs are not allowed.
  4. Are party tents allowed?
    Party tents are not allowed.
  5. Are we allowed to entertain visitors, and if so, what are the rules?
    Visitors are welcome. They may not, however, park on the campsite. Visitors can park their car on the visitors parking lot in front of the campsite ( costs are €2.00)
  6. How many additional tents can we bring?
    A total of two (additional) tents is allowed. Please consult us if you wish to bring more.
  7. Do we have to pay for showers?
    Showers are included in the campsite’s fees. You do not need any coins.
  8. Are there any activities for children 16 years and over?
    In July and August, during high season, various activities (sailing and fishing) are organised for children under 16 years. There’s a pub in the village, other than that there aren’t many places of entertainment in the immediate vicinity of Earnewald.


  1. What are the arrival and departure times at the accommodations?
    You’re welcome from 1500 hrs. The reception desk is open until 1800 hrs. Please contact the reception desk should you arrive after 1800 hrs (tel. 0031511539223).
    The key has to be handed in before 1000 hrs. You can also leave your key in the specially designated mailbox at night.
  2. Do we need to put down a deposit for a home?
    You do not need to put down a deposit. We do require, however, a one-off direct debit mandate for € 100.00. This will only be used if there’s any actual damage or for extra cleaning costs (if you leave dishes or thrash or haven’t removed the bed linen)
  3. Are pets allowed?
    Pets are allowed in some homes at Buitenplaats It Wiid. Pets are not allowed in homes on the campsite.

Boat rental:

Do we need to put down a deposit when renting a boat?
You do not need to put down a deposit; we do require, however, a one-off direct debit mandate for € 250.00. This will only be used if there’s any actual damage. We will also make a copy of your passport/ID card or drivers licence.

Do I need a navigation license?
You do not need a navigation license for the type of boats we rent out.