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There’s plenty to do around Eernewoude. A few tips:

Villages and cities

Eernewoude / Earnewâld

Originally, Eernewoude was a village of farmers, fishermen, peat makers, and reed cutters. Luckily, it hasn’t lost its picturesque atmosphere, even though the village has developed into an important water sports centre and recreation resort. Eernewoude is part of the municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel. This versatile municipality with its unpronounceable name, has beautiful forests, quiet nature areas, characteristic tree walls, vast pasturelands, and lakes and sheets of water. That’s why the possibilities to do recreational sports are abundant: bike rides, horse rides, and all possible forms of water sports.

Skûtsje museum Earnewâld

The skûtsje (special shallow draft Frisian boat) museum has been established in the Stripe, a replica of a historical shipyard, since 1998. The (sword) smithy, and the sail maker’s gives you an idea off the craftsmanship and the multitude of techniques and materials necessary to build a skûtsje. There are also exhibitions, and you can follow an assignment route which gives you a good feel of the history of Frisian inland shipping at the beginning of this century. Open every Saturday and Sunday from 1330-1700 hrs. from1 April to 30 September. Open daily (Mondays excluded) from 1330-1700 in July and August.

’t Kokelhus fan Jan and Sjut, Earnewald

An antiquity room has been located in the house of a former peat tradesman since 1957. The house was built around 1780. Jan and Sjut van der Berg lived here until 1955. They owned a small groceries shop, were milk hawkers, and have weaved many Earnewâldster floor mats from rush (kokels in Frisian, which explains the name of this antiquity room). Open in June, July, and August, Monday to Saturday from 1400-1700 hrs.


The Frisian capital (2018 Capital of Culture) is definitely worth a visit. The city has a beautiful (renovated) city centre and a historic centre. Climb the Oldehove or visit one of the museums (Fries museum or Princenhof ceramics). City walks etc. can be organised through the tourist information office on the Oldehoveplein. Leeuwarden is the proud capital of Fryslân! The start and finish of the Elfstedentocht. A surprising city with an attractive and green city centre where shopping is a delight. There are hundreds of monuments and beautiful museums along the canals. Leeuwarden is full of life! The city was the 2015 Capital of Taste, and will be the 2018 Capital of Culture. Leeuwarden is surrounded by beautiful nature. Water sports enthusiasts will love it here!

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